Monday, February 10, 2014

About the mutual respect

Hello our dear followers!
We have to tell you about some nasty story. The Sims 2 stuff creators, first of all, it`s for you.
Besides this blog we have a role play forum. We share the great new sims 2 items there with our users. But NEVER without a link to your sites and forums. And it`s normal, it`s about the mutual respect.
But it`s NOT about the creator Tiffany Sims.
The story began some time ago. We saw Klira`s textures (the shoes mostly) on the Tiffany Sims` creations.
Look, please:
here and here, here
here and here
here and here
And there is no author`s name there. How should I call it? Theft, unfortunately.
But it`s not the end of the story. We found the site of Tiffany Sims. Please, check it out:
She cut sims faces (`cos many sims2 players know Klira`s simmies, especially on the Flickr), she cut author`s signature too and posted the hot links! You may also find your own creations there.
There are not so many sims 2 stuff creators left. So let`s respect each other and let`s measures to dishonest people, like Tiffany Sims.
We hope for understanding and support. Thank you.


  1. Thank you for the heads up! I've heard a lot recently that people have been stealing textures (parts or whole) and not giving credit to the original creator. It angers me to hear that people actually have the nerve to steal from others. Be strong, guys!

  2. Thank you for the supporting! We really appreciate it!
    Such situations upsets us. But we are trying to handle it. We found some creation whose textures was stolen. And that girl deleted all the stuff that she stole.
    Thank you once again.

  3. Well that is terrible and I am so sorry. Your creations are so fantastic, others are jealous and wish they could be as creative. Stay strong!!